Effective immediately, the ANDI Europe regional office is closed.  All products and services will now be offered and administered by ANDI IHQ.   ANDI Europe is no longer an authorized ANDI International Regional Distribution Office and is prohibited from offering any products or services whatsoever under the ANDI Brand.  The website,  www.andi-international.com is not authorized to represent ANDI International.

All individual Instructors and Facilities who have been licensed by ANDI Europe may continue their 2020 license through ANDI International for the remainder of the calendar year without charge upon application to IHQ.  Please access the instructor application form and forward to ANDI HQ.  There will be no interruption in your instructor license.



Edward A. Betts, Executive Director



ANDI International

This is an authorized Notice from ANDI IHQ – ANDI International, Freeport, New York USA


Restructuring of Regional Representation – Second Notice