Medical & Dive Medic








Our full offering exceeds all industry standards and conforms to European standards as well. These programs expand the dive team’s safety under stress and protects your family and friends should emergencies occur. New programs and innovations are underway.

Dive Medic Ratings
Oxygen Administration Provider - OXP
Oxygen Administration Instructor - OXI
CPR Provider - CPR
CPR Instructor - CPI
First Aid Provider - FAP
First Responder - FRS
Dive Medic - DMD
Dive Medic Instructor - DMI

Hyperbarics Ratings*

Hyperbaric Chamber Awareness - HCA
Hyperbaric Chamber Tender - HCT
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator - HCO
Certified Hyperbaric Technician - CHT
Hyperbaric Chamber Operator Instructor - HCI

*(Specify the specific equipment system)

SafeAir - Nitrox Diving


Without question the industry’s leader and innovator in bringing SafeAir / Nitrox diving to the world. ANDI was the first to develop the integrated teaching methodology and we, along with a little help from our friends lobbied incessantly in support of this emerging and gateway technology. We were successful in changing the industry.

SafeAir is more than a marketing term.  What is SafeAir?

SafeAir Ratings
Limited SafeAir User - (L1) LSU

Complete SafeAir User - (L2) CSU
SafeAir Instructor - (L1 & 2) LSI & CSI
SafeAir Wreck Diver - (L2) SWD
Altitude Diver Specialty - (L2) ALD
Specialty Instructor - (L2)
SafeAir Divemaster - (L2) SDM
Cavern Diver - (L2) CVN
Cavern Diver Instructor - (L2) CVI

Technical and Exploration

The course prepares students for diving activities beyond the limits of “recreational sport diving”. These activities include depths to a maximum of 165 fsw/ 50 msw and involve multi-gas switches for decompression that will extend to a maximum of approximately 30 minutes. Full Oxygen and decompression tracking, dive planning, emergency protocol, equipment handling, and stress management skills, are covered in detail. This program is intended to serve as the building block of all of the ANDI Technical and Exploration programs.
Technical Ratings
Technical SafeAir Diver - (L3) TSD
Technical Tri-Mix Diver - (L3) TTM
Solo  Diver - (L3) SLD
Technical Wreck Diver - (L3) TWD
Technical SafeAir Instructor - (L3) TSI
Technical Instructor (Specialty) - (L3)
Technical Divemaster - (L3) TDM
Cave Diver (L3) CAV
Cave Diver Instructor - (L3) CAI

Exploration Ratings
Extended Range Diver - (L4) ERD
Extended Range Instructor - (L4) ERI
Intermediate Tri-Mix Diver - (L5) ITM
Tri-Mix Diver - (L5) TMD
Exploration Divemaster - (L4 & 5) EDM
Tri-Mix Instructor - (L5) TMI
Cave Explorer - (L4) CVX
Cave Explorer Instructor - (L4) CXI
Cave Explorer - (L5) CVX
Cave Explorer Instructor - (L5) CXI

Rebreather Diving








After a thorough mastery of the Application of Enriched Air Mixtures has been achieved an exciting blend of old and new technology awaits. Rebreather diving expands your capability far beyond that of the usual bubble-blowing diver. Ok, so what’s a rebreather?

Rebreather Ratings*
Rebreather Intro - (L1) ICC
Rebreather Diver - (L2) CCR
Rebreather Diver - (L2) SCR
Technical Rebreather Diver - (L3) TRD
Rebreather Explorer - (L5) ERE
Rebreather Instructor - (L1&2) RBI Technical Rebreather Instructor - (L3) TRI
Exploration Rebreather Inst. - (L5) XRI

* (Specify the specific equipment system)


ANDI ’s Equipment & Technician series have expanded greatly since we developed the industry’s first technician programs for certified gas blender and SafeAir Service Technician. Today no other agency offers more choices and technician specialties.

Technician Ratings
Gas Blender - CGB
Advanced Gas Blender - AGB
Gas Blender Instructor - GBI
Breathing Gas Dispenser Tech - BDT
Breathing Gas Maintenance Tech - BMT
SafeAir Service Technician - CST
Service Technician Instructor - STI
Eddy Current Tech - ECT
Cylinder Inspection Technician - CIT
Apprentice Service Technician - AST
Professional Service Technician - PST
Senior Service Technician - SST
Master Service Technician - MST

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