Rebreather Training

Come Dive the Future  -  The ANDI Training Academy at the Nautilus Diving Center in Cabo San Lucas will be hosting a Hollis Prism 2 and Explorer Instructor Corssover course April 28th to March 3rd.  The couse will be conducted by a Manufacture's Training Director and is open to all CCR Instructors from ANDI, IANTD and TDI.

Contact Casey at Dive Nautilus for details +1 (707) 478 5725.

Offering the full range of ANDI  Training, the Nautilus Dive Center is perfectly located in Downtown Cabo San Lucas, within easy walking distance of the waterfront, shops and beach.
Offering superb conditions for Training all year round, the Center offers training at all levels, from Open Water to Level III Advanced.
Designed to support and train Nautilus Rebreather Divers, the Center boasts a state of the art Gas Blending Facility and Equipment Service Center, staffed by ANDI certified personnel.




The Nautilus Diving Center and ANDI Training Academy is one of Baja’s premier diving facilities.  October 2010 marks the Grand Opening.  Although the facility has been operating privately for a number of years, it will open as a full service diving operation this fall.

This dive center has been built on the premise of providing customers with all the tools to safely enjoy diving regardless of training level.  Team Nautilus strives to build relationships with their clients that result in well-trained divers who look to continuously expand their knowledge of the sport.

The Nautilus Diving Center and ANDI offer their divers top quality education along with the support and service required to keep them diving.   In addition to training, the Center also offers local tours and charters for divers of every certification level.

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