General Provisions of ANDI Certification Ratings

ANDI training programs are categorized by subject matter, rating and level. 

Certification on any subject will be further defined by rating and level.

The subject matter refers to the course or specialty in question.  For example, Openwater, SafeAir®, Technical or Dive Medic are subjects.

•    Rating refers to the type of certification. 

User ratings are for those who have completed courses of study for themselves personally.

Divemaster ratings are for those who supervise Users of particular subjects.

Instructor ratings may teach non-users to become users on specific subjects

Instructor Trainer ratings may train Instructors on specific subjects.

•    Level refers to the degree of training and experience they have amassed.  The rating levels only pertain to diver related courses.  Non-diving courses have no designated Level.

Level I - Entry level, no previous experience required.  Considered entry level, introductory or recreational.
Level II - Advanced Recreational
Level III - First Technical Level.  Decompression theory and practical application is a required aspect.
Level IV - Advanced Technical.  More experience and equipment utilized.
Level V - Deeper and or longer diving utilizing other mixtures of gases than Oxygen and Nitrogen (i.e. Helium).

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