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with the proud support of our Regional Headquarters:


The first instructor teaching manual for Enriched Air Nitrox diving. (1989)


The first instructor teaching manual for Technical / Decompression diving. (1991)


The first integrated teaching system for Enriched Air Nitrox diving. (1989)


The first entry-level Openwater Diver Course incorporating SafeAir / Nitrox for all dives. (1999)


The first entry-level OWD course using rebreathers. (Dolphin SCR in Germany – 2001)


The first Gas Blender training program, industry wide. (1990)


The first Gas Mixture Validation Record Book safety method. (1989)


The first Enriched Air Nitrox Service Technician training program, industry wide. (1990)


The first manufacturer-endorsed equipment standards. (1989)


The first manufacturer-endorsed rebreather training manual (Dräger Atlantis 1994)


The first Breathing Gas Purity standards for gases other than Air. (1989)


The originator of the “Oxygen Compatible Air” standard. (1990)


The first Enriched Air cylinder inspection sticker, color wrap decal and cylinder contents tag. (1989)


The only Oxygen / EAN compatibility designation sleeves and stickers. (1991)


The first international dealer network of Enriched Air Facilities. (1991)


The first multi-agency, multi-level professional liability insurance program. (1992)


The first insurable/insured Enriched Air Nitrox training program. (1990)


The first multi-language offering of textbooks & training materials for advanced diving technologies.  (Hebrew, Chinese, Italian, Greek, German, Dutch, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Swedish, French, etc.)


The first international training agency to offer the full range of diver education. (1999)


The first training agency-supported Deco software - ANDI DivePlanner (1993) & ANDI-Gap 2005

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